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Booking a private tour

Your pace, your timing

The best thing about booking a private tour for your friends and family is that you can decide yourself when you want to start the tour, what you want to see, what te pace is and what you will ask your personal guide. This makes cycling along the Amsterdam canals even more save, fun, exciting and convenient.


Even during the break - even the Dutch every now and then make a stop for some apple-pie and coffee - you can decide to spend just a little more time. 


Families on bikes

Amsterdammers do everything on their bikes. They go to work, parties, holidays, all on their beloved bicycle. And they bring all their beloved ones with them. A kid in front, one in the back. The dog in the basket in front. Maybe even an extra chart to bring the barbeque to the Vondelpark. Everything that fits on a bike, we take it with us.


So, when you are thinking: "Is it possible to take my complete family on a bike tour in Amsterdam?" Yes, that's probably very possible!



During our tours we can provide helmets. We keep our pace convenient and we keep an eye on everybody in the group. For small children we have bike seats or cabbies (these are bikes for an adult, with a big basket in front for the kids).

Bike Tour Amsterdam Countryside

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