We Bike Amsterdam

City and Countryside Bike Tours in Amsterdam

Who are we?

We Bike Amsterdam

We Bike Amsterdam is a collective of enthusiastic local guides with a passion for Amsterdam and cycling. We all live in the city and we love to share our knowledge about Amsterdam with you! Like all Amsterdammers we were pretty much born on a bike and we cycle every day. Discover Amsterdam like a local and hop on one of our bikes!

What do we do?

We bike through the backstreets of Amsterdam and cycle down Holland’s most scenic bike lanes. We take you off the beaten path and make you understand Amsterdam and our country ‘s history. Our tours focus on the undiscovered parts of the city and countryside. We aim to reveil to you what remains unknown to others. We trust you on finding the Red Light District by yourselves and will show you the real city of Amsterdam and our countryside.

How do we do it?

At We Bike Amsterdam we believe in small groups!

We don’t like crowds and keeping our groups small is super important for the feel and quality of our tours. We Bike Amsterdam is Amsterdam ‘s smallest bike tour company and we are proud of that! Groups are never bigger and often smaller then 11 persons per group. This ensures high quality bike tours and a personal and relaxed experience.

Hop on and we bike the extra mile!

City Bike Tour 

We Bike Amsterdam ‘s three hour City Bike Tour starts in the historic centre of Amsterdam. You will cycle through Amsterdam ‘s iconic canal ring, cross old bridges and head to the famous Vondelpark. You will discover Amsterdam’s coolest neighbourhoods and that secret courtyard around the corner. Your guide will tell you about the city ‘s history and answers your questions along the way or during a relaxing coffee break halfway the tour.

Countryside Bike Tour

On the Countryside Bike Tour you visit picturesque villages, see an 18th century windmill and enjoy the world’s best slice of apple pie! This four hour leisurely bike ride leads you through scenic landscapes, over dams and dykes and is the perfect break away from the city. The Countryside Bike Tour is a fun and active tour and a great way to learn more about Holland, watermanagement and windmills!

Private Bike Tours

All our bike tours are available as private tours. Private Bike Tours are great for families or groups of friends / colleagues. Do you have any special requests or whishes regarding one of our tours? Looking for a tailored tour? Feel free to contact us and inform about our Private Bike Tours.

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