Kids bike

About the kids bike

Our kids bike is a cool and sturdy bike for comfortable and safe bike rides.

Kids Bike

The bike has 24 inch wheels and hand breaks as well as back-pedal breaks. It’s ment for children in the age group 8 – 12 years. For kids smaller then 1.35 meters or and/or younger then 8 years, we recommend our kids tandem instead.

Our kids bike is made by Batavus, a Dutch brand that builts high quality bikes in the Netherlands for over 100 years now (since 1904).

Cycling in Amsterdam with children

Amsterdam is the biking capital of the world. Conditions of cyclists are amazing and Amsterdammers ride their bike every day. There’s a dense infrastructure of bike lanes and cyclists have the respect of other participants in traffic. That is why we believe it is safe to bike with children in Amsterdam. We have chosen a sturdy and comfortable kids bike to facilitate children on our bike tours. However, we also want to underline that it requires good cycling skills to be able to ride a bike in Amsterdam. We might be operating in the world’s bike friendliest city, but it’s still a city. Not a park.

We Bike Amsterdam is the only bike tour company in Amsterdam that takes children on tour. We welcome kids of every age on every tour. Apart from the kids bike for children that can ride their own bike, we work with kids tandems, child seats and cabby bikes. Especially our Private Family Bike Tours are great with kids. We can tailor your private tour and take which ever itinery at your own pace!

When you make a reservation for one of our bike tours, please inform us about the age and hight of your child(ren). That way we can make sure to have the right bike available for you. All our bikes can be reserved on the booking form. All bikes are included in the tour price.

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