Regular bike

The bike we use for our tours are of excellent quality and well maintained by our mechanics. Made in Holland, assembled in Amsterdam. Great for cycling in Amsterdam.

Bike details:

  • 3 gears
  • handbreaks
  • Shimano drum break system
  • 26 inch wheels
  • equiped with bell and lashing straps

Union Curb

Unlike most other Dutch bikes, our bike has handbreaks. Nice to know how to stop in case you need to, right? 🙂 Because of the 3 gears, even crossing Amsterdam’s bridges is easy in this flat city. The wheel size of this Gazelle M.B.P. is 26 inch and with it’s sturdy frame and 3 gears this is the perfect bike for the purpose of our cycle tours: exploring Amsterdam and Holland’s countryside in a comfortable and safe way.

Our bikes are made in Holland by the Royal Dutch Gazelle, a Dutch bike manufacturer since 1892. Because of the adjustable seats, our bikes are ‘one size fits all’. Apart from the handbreaks and 3 gears, every bike has a bell and some straps on the back of the bike to allow you to bring a water bottle or some small luggage on tour.

Cycling in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known as a very bike friendly city. For nearly 60 years now, the city invests in it’s infrastructure for cyclists. As a result, Amsterdam has over 500 kilometers of designated bike lanes. And we’re still counting!

Maybe even more important then it ‘s vast cycling infrastructure is the hierarchical position of cyclists in Amsterdam ‘s traffic. Cyclists have the respect of all participants in traffic and traffic rules and legislation are in favor those riding a bicycle.

As a third reason for the popularity of cycling in Amsterdam we have to admit that Amsterdam ‘s terrain might play a crucial role: This city is as flat as a pancake. We are afraid that Amsterdammers are just as lazy as everyone else in the world but it’s flat terrain makes cycling in Amsterdam very easy and relax. And that ‘s exactly why we do it!

As you just read, we like to rave about the excellent conditions for cycling in Amsterdam. Nevertheless, we also want to underline that it’s absolutely necessary to know how to ride a bike, before you go and do so. Amsterdam may be the bike capital of the world, it is still a city. Not a park.

When making a reservation for one of our tours we will provide the bikes. The usage of the bike is included in the tour price.

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