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Biking in the countryside

Escape the bustling city


In Amsterdam, it’s amazing to see the amount of people on bikes, racing by. From little kids to high flying city types, grandparents and commuters, cycling in the city is go go go.


So what could be better than escaping the busy city lanes and retreating for a laid back, leisurely cycle through the countryside?


We sometimes call this pastime Dutch Buddhism. Clearing your head of all the city noise, leaving the pavements behind you and heading out to greener pastures.


Biking in the countryside is a great opportunity to take in all the famous Dutch sights. Flat lands, dams, dikes, villages, black and white cows, lush green fields and the occasional windmill. It's a picture postcard ride; one that allows you the chance to fully relax and properly unwind.


Apple pie


In Holland, there is only one kind of apple pie that is the best and that is the apple pie that your (grand) mother makes. Luckily, the second best apple pie in the country is the one we stop for during of our countryside tour. All that biking means burning calories. So halfway round, you might need an energy boost. Choose the apple pie. You’ll bike it off in the second part of the tour anyways. And it’d be a crime to miss it.


Bike paths


In Holland, we like cycling so much that every year, we honour our most beautiful bike paths with the 'Bike Path Of The Year' awards. During our countryside tour, we cycle along some of these prizewinning roads. Having awards for bike paths sounds slightly crazy, we know. But once you’ve biked them with us, we’re sure you’ll agree why they deserve such high praise.


Countryside Tour

Countryside Tour

Countryside Tour

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