Are your bike tours safe?

As long as you can ride a bike, YES! Amsterdam is the cycling cabital or the world and the city designed for biking and made by cyclists. The roads and biking lanes are wide, well maintained and safe to ride on. Our guides are all locals who have been cycling their whole lives. Just listen to their tips and tricks for getting around and you’ll be fine.

Are the bikes included in the price?

Yes! We will provide the bikes for the tour!

Do you provide helmets?

Yes! Make sure you ask your guide or anyone at our store for a helmet if you want to use one. We’ve got plenty and you can use them for free!

What about the kids?

Our bike tours are a perfect way for families to explore the city. Kids can join all our tours! We have a wide variety of bikes and seats for children of all ages and cycling skills. We recommend our Private Family Tours with children. Please make sure to inform us about your child(ren) ‘s hight(s) so that we can make sure the right bike is reserved for them.

How many people are on your tours?

Since we want to make sure every biker on our tours has the best Amsterdam experience, we never have more than 12 people per guide. If you book a private group tour for more than 12 people, we provide enough guides to keep things safe and interesting.

Is the tour in English?

Yes, it is and all our tour guides speak excellent English. We offer Private Tours in Dutch, Spanish, German and French.

What happens with bad weather?

Amsterdam is beautiful rain or shine! That is why we hop on our bikes, no matter what. Think of the Dutch skies that our painters captured. We promise it’ll give the tour that extra romantic touch.

What happens with real bad weather?

If there’s storms forcasted and offical weather warnings are given (red code) we will of course rescedule or cancel and refund your tour. Safety first!

Can I have an E-bike?

Yes you can BUT please note that from our experience E-bikes and Amsterdam are not a great match. We worked with E-bikes in the past but we stopped using them on a regular base as they are often a bit dangerous. They excelarate very fast in our small and narrow streets and other cyclists in Amsterdam are ofthen surprised by E-bikes. It has caused quite some accidents. Nothing serious but still inconvenient. Amsterdam is also very flat and distances aren’t long so one should wonder if an E-bike is realy needed.
If you are absolutely sure that an E-bike is needed to enjoy you tour, we can and will arrange one for you. The extra price for an E-bike is € 35,-.

Where are the best places to see, eat, drink and party in Amsterdam?

Take the tour and your guide will tell you all about them along the way

What are your terms and conditions?

You can read them here.

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